MBA admission process can be extremely tough right from the time when you start thinking about its need upto an admit letter from your dream college. At Frensultant, we promise to make that journey comfortable for you and that too without having to worry about the $$.

We don't spoon-feed you. We empower you to transform your sensibilities to be able to help yourself.

What do you need for a successful admit?


A successful MBA journey

Common dilemmas

Where can we help you?

Among all the factors stated above, 75% (minus 25% for GPA and community involvement) are those in which most admission consultants offer guidance. if you manage to prepare well for the GMAT exam to get a decent score and have a well defined Career vision, that leaves you with 55% of the work done. For the rest 45%, the admission guides charge thousands of dollars in the name of customised reviews of the application and resume feedbacks.

At Frensultant, we help you identify the best approach to deal with the entire process, be it the GMAT preparation based on your personal evaluation or selecting the right colleges as per your career vision or helping you understand the nuances of the lengthy online applications. Please note that we don't CHARGE a single penny for any help that we offer but this leaves us with the only option of cherry-picking the candidates we want to extend our help to.

How does this FREE guidance work?

The whole process is very simple and can be explained in the following steps:

1. We cherry-pick students who demonstrate strong intent and exhibit an exceptional collaborative behaviour based on profile evaluation. Yet, we are committed to help anyone who approaches us with a strong will.

2. Each profile is matched with a Frensultant expert (someone who has been through a similar experience) based on several factors such as Nationality, Industry background, Academic qualification etc and the candidate is introduced to her/his Frensultant buddy.

3. This buddy stays connected with the candidate for a period of 1 or 2 months over skype/email/whatsapp etc, to provide best approach to the candidate's queries.

4. At the end of guidance period, if the candidate is satisfied with the help, she/he may donate as per her/his satisfaction.

5. If the candidate secures an admission, she/he is offered to join the Frensultant team and help others in the same way.

What to expect from us

  • Honest feedback and guidance in every aspect of your MBA admission process.

  • At least 1 dedicated guide allotted to help you unconditionally.

  • No monetary conditions and related communication whatsoever.

  • Post admission guidance on scholarships, loans, accommodation and other pre enrolment formalities.

What NOT to expect from us

  • Spoon-feeding for every component of the application process.

  • Unethical tips and tricks.

  • 24x7 support. Please understand that we are a team of people like you and are doing this service out of passion.